A ≠ E

by Jamarcus

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"This album is my take on the story of Adam & Eve. It's a steampunk-esque journey. Thanks, I love you."

everything written, performed and recorded by Jamarcus
Mastered by Nate Amos
Released via Grandpa Bay Recordings

Thanks to The Newsies and my brother, Paul.


released February 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Jamarcus Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Garden of Eden: The Fruit of Knowledge
Pull me from the ground and turn me into people
play me like a vinyl and scratch me with the needle
plant me in your garden and
give me what I need
but don’t forbid me from your apples cause I really want to bleed
and deep down
I know
That you
won’t kill
me if
I just take
one bite and
my girlfriend
insists that it’s fine.

Right and Wrong
Nothing wins

and God said, stay the hell away from my fruit
Eve whispered in my ear
"let’s eat the apple, and then train the snake"
I’m not afraid of what’s inside my blood
"Go 'head
eat it
you deserve to know"
I need no reminder that I have it hard enough as it is
Track Name: The Barren Wasteland: Exiles
in the blink of an eye, the three of us were
Cast out amongst the wasteland
our chins dragged on the desert floor as we were pushed away from our garden
The Snake slithered up my leg and delivered 2 deep holes behind my ear, as if to whisper a dark secret
The Girl bashed The Snakes head in with a rock
She punctured the it’s skin with her talons and tore open a crevice, it’s innards slithered out and scurried away from us.
I felt an intense burn when she drank it’s blood.
She held my hand and told me she’d stay with me till the end.
I counted my ribs. 24 in total.
we sang about the future as we roasted the snake’s body over the fire she made for us
Eve had saved my life once again
Track Name: The Desert: Leviathan's Advances
Walking alone in the nighttime
the desert gets cold at this hour
Eve has been ripping my heart out
I’m glad I bore holes in her lover
Lead them
(We shall take the boy
just when he thinks he's safe)
(When we take the boy
the Girl will come to find him)
I’ll Arrange for our meeting, again
in Hell
Track Name: Sodom: City of Junk
We’re Sodomites
We are rejects,
junk thrown out of
God’s garden

step right in you better make an appearance
we’ll sell you junk
but we can’t provide you assistance
The game’s called “every thing is out for itself”
Crime’s the only path to take if you want infinite wealth

We collect trash
and sell it back
and forth to each
other all day

You better watch your back, we got a lotta delinquents
a lot of trapped souls working for the maleficent
keep to yourself and watch out for those church boys

Abandoned by
our maker we
have to work hard
to stay alive

we first took up before your records were written
god had made prototypes, almost a million
every single one was rejected and thrown out
probably cause god was busy being a sellout

Our metal shells
protect our souls
but when we die
we're going nowhere

God and the devil made a deal in the shadows
they tried to keep it under the wraps but we all know
god couldn’t get his shit together, so i’m told
he phoned in a friend to make an easier work load

If you want some
Real money you’ll
have to visit the
the underground
Track Name: The Separation: Adam's Gamble
Adam where’d you go
I lost you in the underground
what were in those drugs we took last night?
are you alright?
they’re taking you away from me
You're so fickle, im afraid

I’m a new man
I want to be accepted by the Lord
I’m a poor boy
cannot seem to manage on my own
I met a nice guy
Said that he’s the rightful son of God
He’s gonna help me
find the way back to my rightful home
Track Name: Garden of Eve: The Beginning
I am a loner
I’ve been surrounded by fools
it’s all just a game
it's all just a joke on me
and I am a woman
I don’t need nobody
holding onto me
it's all just a game
it's all just a joke on me, yeah

I am a child
I don't need no father
I don't need a lover
and I'm starting over

and I am a woman
I don't need nobody
holding onto me
and this is my land, and these are my children

and when I die
I'm gonna stay right here
oh God
God had nothing to do with it
God had nothing to do
God has nothing to do