Our Enemy is Never What It Seems

by Jamarcus

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Everything written, performed and recorded by Jamarcus. Mastered by Nate Amos. Released on Grandpa Bay Recordings.
Thanks to my family and all my friends.

Grandpa Bay Recordings:


released May 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Jamarcus Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Beginning of the End
Entering slow, I’m erect: now engage
Heartbeat speeds while my waist guides my knife through your bread
Butter slips, making sweet
If it’s good more excretes
I’m alone in the world and my secrets, it keeps
Filling up
Pouring out
Slipping in
Sliding out
Hold it in
Figure 8
Just the tip
Just relate
I am lost
In the depths of your sea
Filling up
Pouring out
Slipping in
Sliding out
Hold it in
Figure 8
Just the tip
Just relate

Filling up, pouring out
the goo that makes the world go round
we hopelessly analyze why we humans are so sexualized
We cut and run ‘cause cum is fun
We have a drink to numb the tongue
before succumbing to the bumming cross your legs for good luck
-they might be stunning!
(but you might end up licking their pee-hole)
Track Name: Primate Fails the Space Mission
I’m on the run from foreign times
struggling to breathe
I’m just a cog in it all
Defective but they find use

I’m just a victim, sold like a vacuum
and now I’m engulfed in one and the same
I’m just a post card with ink running heavy
I’m blue
Hoping that someday,
The Earth will forgive me

But now that I’m here in this cold space, endangered
Weight’s lifted off my back
No gravity
And now that I’m here up in this coffin floating
Maybe someday I will find your enemy
and someday
The Earth will forget me
(and that’s alright)
Track Name: Selachimorpha, Take Me Under
Swimming in the blue
Washing off the years
Swirling ‘round my feet
Wishing for a full taste

Coddled by the salt
Swarming at the blood
Tasting at my feet
My fate was sweetly sung

Fear means not a thing
When your ship is sinking low
You know the body’s through
The brain is sure to follow
Track Name: My Wife is Going to Kill You
Heat, silicone and a bloody nose
The gun’s in my mouth
Wrapped in panty hose
The Crook’s voice is deep,
“Violent frequencies”
He says she wants it bad,
and that I better make her scream

Valleys on my back from her wicked lashes
Opening her legs, when she slaps, it splashes
I think I’m gonna faint, but the two insist,
I keep eyes peeled or my neck, they’ll slit

In comes my wife
Clearly angry
I know not to fuck with her
Hand saw
fierce attack
bloody mess
my savior <3
Track Name: Forever Snared
Track Name: Newsie Blues pt. 2
But out of luck
of giving a fuck
“such a creep”
They’re terrified
and I sleep

Strangers never ask me for directions
But I’m a living map

Lost my job
Selling pape’s
Due to age
And my vice
The drinking’s good
when folks are nice
The living’s fine
You know, for a price

Strangers never ask me for directions
‘Cause I live in shit
Track Name: Losing the Point
Praying in the backseat of this rotten car
4 days left alone inside my empty mind
They’re blowing themselves
Track Name: Our Enemy is Never What It Seems
Stars fall
Losing light
squeezing tight
diaphragm shifting from my brain-cry,
Heavy sigh
Demon- eating up our sky-gods
worshipping the dark pit-origin unknown
Sinners, flocking to the churches
The only place that’ll save you
Crying at the cross knowing it’s a scam
Passion, honesty and violence are thrown out on the surface of this cooking rock
Time slow
Speed fast
“Long live the Milky Way!”
I wonder if another planet parties like the earth?
Business men are weeping loudly
Incapable to manage their disappointed hearts
Famous, wonder if their names will ever be proclaimed with passion and respect they garnered from achievements; slowly losing weight cause everyone forgot their fake reality
Silence; best heard distorted, I wonder if the Earth knew would there be this war growing in between?
Phantom, clearly not the chaos,
Presented as a flashlight
Shining on the mist